Choreographer Earl Punch’s Hip Hop Dance Workshop is Just What You Need to Accelerate Your Hip Hop Dance Career

Houston, Texas—Well-known Choreographer Earl Punch is putting on a Hip Hop dance workshop this week in collaboration with Infullaffect and Houston Dance Reviews thinks hip hop dancers who are serious about their craft should make every effort to attend.
The workshop, happening on Saturday, October 24th will have a focus on giving dancers the insight they need to succeed in this competitive industry.

“Earl is a very well-respected choreographer. He has worked with many celebrities like Chris Brown and Mariah Carey. He has also choreographed routines for Brandy, Aliyah, Usher, Bad Bunny and Keisha Cole. This workshop is an excellent opportunity for Houston dancers to come out and learn from an industry professional just what it takes to make it in this business.” said the reviewer from Houston Dance Reviews.

In addition to a hip-hop dance workshop, the event also will include a talk on tips to succeed including critiques of dancers’ styles and approaches. The event organizer, InFullAffect, aims to be a source of education for Houston dancers, providing them the information they need to know what a director or casting agent seeks. There are many variables including the quality of a dancer’s movement execution and how professionally that they present themselves that are important factors for dancers to know.

The Houston Dance Reviews reviewer reiterates the importance of the event but also warns that the workshop is not for everyone. “Obviously if you are just a novice dancer or don’t plan to go professional, this would not be the event for you. The ideal audience is very skilled Houston-based hip hop dancers who are ready to take it to the next level and are willing to be critiqued so that they can improve where needed and work on their skills and attitudes according to what directors and casting agents are looking for.”

InFullAffect’s guest, Earl Punch, has a wealth of knowledge to imbue to dancers who attend and local dancers are encouraged to take advantage of the value offered with this workshop.




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